Prima Parc Terms & Conditions

These General Conditions for Membership (hereinafter “Conditions”) establish how the Programme (hereinafter “Programme”) called “Prima Parc” works and how to become a Member. The Programme is organised by Bellatrix s.r.l. with headquarters in Limone sul Garda, 25010, Brescia, Italy (hereinafter “Parc Hotels Italia”).

Art. 1 – Eligibility for participating in the Programme

1.1 Any individual who is at least 18 years old (hereinafter “Members”).

Art. 2. Programme application

The Programme will be valid on all Parc Hotels Italia hotels and residential hotels.

Art. 3 Programme duration

3.1 These General Conditions are valid from 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2020 (hereinafter “Validity Period”) and, if no alterations or additions are made by Parc Hotels Italia, will continue to be valid from year to year.

Art. 4 – How to become a Member of the Programme

4.1 Joining the Programme is free and may be done in the following ways:

- online on the website;

- at the reception desk, by filling out the paper form;

- by phone at +39 0365 913530. People wishing to join the Programme by calling the Booking Office must confirm that they have read and accepted the General Conditions;

Confirmation of registration with Prima Parc via the website will be processed within 7 days.

If the membership request is made by filling out the paper form and giving it to reception staff, it will be processed within 30 days of the end of the stay.

4.2 As a confirmation of registration, members are sent an email with their Prima Parc card number. Upon booking their stay, members are required to communicate their Prima Parc number if they wish to enjoy the benefits of their membership level.

4.3 On joining, Members are required to provide their full name as indicated in their identity card, their date of birth, their Country of residence, their personal email, and give their consent to these Terms & Conditions. Joining with an email address already associated to another user is not allowed.

Art. 5 – How Prima Parc points are awarded

5.1 Prima Parc points (hereinafter “points”) are the basic unit of calculation used by Parc Hotels Italia for determining a Member’s Prima Parc level. In the subscription phase, each Member is assigned an ID number in the Prima Parc database, associated with an account where the Member’s points are tallied.

5.2 Members earn points based on the number of nights spent aboard Costa ships and total onboard purchases as indicated below:

Points: Members earn points based on the bill at the end of their stay, except for fractions of such sums, if the booking is made directly by calling the booking office or by booking online on a Parc Hotels Italia hotel website. The tourist tax is excluded.

Points spent in the hotel: Members also earn points by utilising the paid services at the hotel, namely restaurants, bars, wellness centres, sports centres, club house. Hotel shops are excluded.

5.3 Points are automatically awarded 30 days after the end of each stay. Members can check the points they have earned online, by registering in the reserved area on the website

5.4 Any other way to earn points on a Member's account and their validity will be notified to each Member with specific communications.

5.5 Members who think that their points total should be higher than the total in their account should send the booking office copies of bookings and payment receipts for expenses incurred during any stay they think has not been counted, within 2 months of the final day of the cruise in question. Members can make requests for points to be updated by sending their full name and Prima Parc card number, along with the required documentation, to

5.6 Points are always awarded at the end of the stay and not during the stay itself, even if the stays are consecutive. It will not be possible to change Prima Parc level while on consecutive stay, even if they are a part of separate bookings.

Art. 6 – Validity of Prima Parc points

6.1 The points considered valid for deciding which level a Member belongs to are those earned over the last three years up to 1 January each year. For example, the points valid for the period 1 January 2020 to 1 January 2021 are points earned from 1 January 2017.

6.2 All points earned for purchases made in the years preceding the last three-year period will expire on 31 December of each year. For example: on 31 December 2020 points earned by Members on their stays who departed before 31 December 2017 will expire.

The level each Member belongs to will be maintained

6.3 All Members can check their points total and those due to expire on by registering in the reserved area. All Members will also receive periodic emails about their points total and points due to expire at the email address they provided during registration.

6.4 The points and privileges awarded to Members as per articles 7 and 8 below are strictly personal and cannot be given to someone else, transferred, sold, converted into money, reimbursed in case of partial use, or replaced with privileges of a different kind. Each Member may hold only one account and one Prima Parc ID number.

6.5 Parc Hotels Italia reserves the right to rectify the account of any Member in the case of points awarded erroneously, and to award supplementary points for specific promotional campaigns of which Members will be informed in a timely fashion.

6.6 It is the Member's responsibility to check their points total and ensure that they have been assigned to the correct Programme level.

Art. 7 – Prima Parc Levels

7.1 There are 6 different Programme levels depending on the Member's points total:

1. Basic, for Members who haven't stayed in a Parc Hotels Italia hotel yet, but earn point by spending for paid services in the hotels (article 5.2)

2. Red: for Members who have earned a total of 100 to 599 points in the last three years (from 1 January)

3. Silver: for Members who have earned a total of 600 to 1199 points in the last three years (from 1 January)

4. Gold: for Members who have earned a total of 1200 to 1999 points in the last three years (from 1 January)

5. Platinum: for Members who have earned at least 2000 points in the last three years (from 1 January)

7.2 Members who move up to a higher Programme level after a cruise or move down to a lower Programme level when points expire do so automatically, based on the point ranges mentioned above. Members can always check their status on their profile on the website.

Art. 8 – Privileges/Advantages

8.1 Prima Parc Members are entitled to a series of privileges and advantages (hereinafter “Privileges”) that differ according to Member’s Club level, as described below.

The Privileges are grouped into:

a. Supplementary services, status benefits, and discounts on purchases

b. Gifts

c. Discounts on holiday bookings

d. Paper, email, and phone notifications which allow Members to be updated about the latest news of Parc Hotels Italia, Prima Parc initiatives, events, and offers reserved to them or some Prima Parc levels, special offers, vouchers.

Privileges are subject to the entry of each participating Member’s Prima Parc ID number at the moment of holding or confirming holiday bookings.

8.2 Privileges are awarded one time per reserved stay.

8.3 Privileges are made available to Members based on their Prima Parc level. The time and place the privileges can be used may vary depending on the length of the stay and the destination. Members will be informed how the Privileges may be enjoyed at the reception of their Parc Hotels Italia hotel.

8.4 Privileges will be available starting from the date Prima Parc membership is confirmed, not from the date the Member registers with the programme.


8.5 All the privileges are listed on

8.6 As for Gold, Silver, and Platinum levels, by “use your points immediately” we mean to a maximum of 500 points at a time.

Art. 9 – Legal Information

9.1 Prima Parc membership is subject to the terms and clauses contained in the following General Conditions and Member status is dependent on scrupulous compliance with the same.

9.2 Parc Hotels Italia may suspend or terminate the Programme before the end of the validity period indicated in Art. 2 only for just cause, in accordance with articles 1989 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code. Anticipated termination and, where possible, suspension will be notified to a Member at least 30 days before or with the largest possible advance or no later than immediately after such action in case of suspension. Such notification may be sent by Parc Hotels Italia through website or any other dedicated channels.

9.3 Parc Hotels Italia reserves the right to modify or supplement the conditions for participating in the Programme, privileges, and ways of earning points at any time, as long as this is not to the detriment of the Member and does not undermine their rights acquired in the course of the Programme.

These modifications or supplements will be made public via the website or by other dedicated channels.
Modifications or supplements to programme participation conditions are considered to be accepted unless a Member expresses a written objection within 2 (two) months of the publication of the new General Conditions on the Parc Hotels Italia websites. In such circumstances, upon receiving this written objection, programme participation will be terminated and membership will cease.

9.4 At its discretion, Parc Hotels Italia reserves the right to exclude Members from the Club without any notice if Members do not respect the terms of these General Conditions, and/or their behaviour does not comply with the General Conditions, or does not comply with the law or Parc Hotels Italia’s General Conditions. They will also be excluded if they behave in a way that could tarnish Parc Hotels Italia’s image, or attempt to use their Member status or documents recognising and legitimising their membership in ways not provided for in the General Conditions. In case of exclusion and/or closure of the account, all points earned up to that moment and associated privileges will be forfeited immediately. Parc Hotels Italia also reserves the right to refuse participation in the Programme to anyone who does not meet the requirements of these General Conditions.

9.5 The Member guarantees that all information they provide to Parc Hotels Italia is correct, and they alone are responsible for it.

9.6 Data provided by Members will be stored in an archive with the purpose of best managing the Prima Parc network. Such archive is run by Parc Hotels Italia in accordance with D.Lgs. 196/2003 of Italian law, which ensures its use according to the purposes stated in the text published in the Privacy section on

9.7 The Member has the right to terminate their participation in the Club at any time. To do so they must give Parc Hotels Italia written notification by sending an email to and enclosing a copy of the identity card and Prima Parc number. In the latter case, an email confirming membership cancellation will be sent to the Member’s email address.

9.8 In the case of any disputes concerning the validity, interpretation and/or implementation of these General Conditions and the Prima Parc, Italian law will be exclusively applicable.

Art. 10 – information on the processing of personal data

In accordance to the provisions of art. 13 EU Regulation n. 679/2016, Bellatrix S.r.l., the data controller, informs you that your personal details (biographical data, contact details, email address) are processed for marketing/promotion purposes about PARC HOTELS ITALIA & RESORTS products and services, including invitations to events or commercial offers.
Such data are collected with your express consent, which you can withdraw at any time.

The provision of data is necessary to follow up on your registration in the loyalty circuit called Prima Parc.
Within the limits of the performance of the service, such data may be disclosed to authorised employees and partners.

The data will not be passed on to third parties or released/transferred to a third country or an international organisation.

The data will not undergo an automated decision-making process. The data you submitted will be processed and stored until you revoke your consent or the newsletter service is terminated.

With regard to the processing of your personal data, you can exercise your right of access as provided for in art. 15 of Regulation 679/2016, and your right to portability of data, to correct or delete your data, to restrict the processing of data and to oppose to such processing, by making a request to Bellatrix S.r.l., headquartered in Limone sul Garda (BS), via Campaldo, 13, VAT NUMBER 02518520834, tel. +390365913540, e-mail:

If you think the processing of your data infringes Reg. 679/2016, you have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

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